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A Comprehensive Guide to Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas

eco-friendly home decor

Are you a nature enthusiast? Are you finding eco-friendly home decor ideas to live a better lifestyle?

Eco-friendly home decor is not just a trend but a lifestyle many choose to live in sustainably while reducing environmental impact. Everyone wants a healthy environment in which to live. However, for this, one needs to practice minimum waste, use recycled materials, and contribute to a greener planet. This is also applicable to home decoration.

In this blog post, learn through a comprehensive guide that offers many practical and creative ideas to help you to live a healthy lifestyle in an eco-friendly home.

What is an eco-friendly home decor?

Eco-friendly home decor focuses on the sustainable practice of designing, furnishing, and accessorizing living spaces. In fact, it creates surroundings that minimize negative impacts on the environment and promote sustainability. However, eco-friendly home decoration includes many natural materials that can be recycled in time.

It includes using resources like bamboo or reclaimed wood, low-VOC paints, and utilizing energy-efficient lighting. Indoor plants enhance the air quality while water harvesting and use the water for different needs.

What is eco-friendly home decor?

Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas

Sustainable Materials and Furnishing

For a sustainable lifestyle, choose sustainable materials and use them to furnish your home. Choose materials that are renewable, recycled, and have minimum environmental impact. You can use different types of bamboo and recycled wood as sustainable materials.

These materials are easily available and can be recycled easily.
Additionally, opting for second-hand pieces that have been refurbished can reduce waste and extend the lifespan of the furniture.

Indoor Greenery and Energy-efficient Lighting Solutions

Placing indoor greenery is a way of living a sustainable lifestyle. Use of indoor plants that not only enhance the air of the surroundings but are also suitable for home design. Their aesthetic appeal enhances both the environment and overall well-being of the house.

Indoor Greenery and Energy-efficient Lighting

Lights can enhance the beauty of the home instantly. So, for eco-friendly home decor, energy-efficient LED or CFL is the best choice. These lights can give an authentic and vibrant atmosphere with the indoor plants. These two not only help to freshen the air but also enhance sustainable living.

Upcycling and DIY Projects with Minimalist and Functional Design

Upcycling is the best part of decorating an eco-friendly home, as it can minimize waste. However, you can recycle old types of furniture and give them a new life by delving into DIY projects. You can also invest in multi-functional furniture to maximize the space and enhance the design.


Eco-friendly home decoration is classic and continuously growing globally. Throgh many people are now searching for places to live a sustainable lifestyle in the countryside or city life. Whether you have a house or are considering buying a property on a countryside island or city, it’s important how you decorate your home to live a sustainable lifestyle.

You can create the most sustainable living by implementing these eco-friendly home decor ideas. Your home is your priority, especially when it looks decorated with indoor plants and energy-efficient lights. However, living a sustainable life is important in order to protect the environment inside and outside of the house.

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How to Get a Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

Are you looking for a villa for rent in Al Barsha? Looking for a simple yet considerable

If you are a landlord, then you already know that finding reliable tenants who pay their rent on time can be a hassle. Some tenants have no sense of responsibility; others have moved in when they do not have the resources to last for awfully long. On top of this, you must balance property repairs, collecting rent, and having a positive reputation with your tenants. 

There is, however, a place in the world that will make your job at least somewhat easier. This place is Dubai. Located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is a tourist paradise and every tenant’s dream place to live. IT is full of excitement and wonder.

Easy to Get a Villa for Rent

Landlords will especially enjoy the expatriate community. These communities consist of those who have moved from their home country to call Dubai home and, since their currency performs well against the UAE currency, the dirham (AED). This means that they will always have at least some money to spend, they can afford the rent and, after all, if they did not have the means to afford moving to Dubai to begin with, they never would have done so.

If you are among these communities, the landlord offers the best villa options for renters in Dubai.

If you are a landlord and renting out your properties to reliable tenants appeals to you, read on to discover more about the different types of villas in Al Barsha.

Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

Why a Villa for Rent in Al Barsha is the Best

Al Barsha is a gated community known for its modern family and community living. Villas for sale in Al Barsha are either detached or semi-detached and usually have 3-5 bedrooms and 4-7 bathrooms, with all or almost all bathrooms being en suite. Villas sometimes come fully or partially furnished and are found within compounds. Some are Vastu compliant. They are all known for their marble floors, carpets, quality finishes, solid wood floors, and upgraded interiors. 


The typical villa for sale in Al Barsha has a barbecue area, a children’s play area, a dining room, extended storage areas, a family room, a gazebo and outdoor entertaining area, a guest bathroom, a laundry room, a living room, a lounge, a maid’s room, an office area, a reception area, a storage room, and a study. Larger villas sometimes have multiple storage rooms. 

Modern Architecture

A fully-fitted kitchen will also have built-in appliances and white goods. Each villa will have at least one balcony and terrace, built-in wardrobes, central air and heating, an intercom system, and a jacuzzi. Finally, there is a private garage and garden, and some of the more expensive villas will even have a private gym. 

How to Get a Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

World-class Service

Those who rent a villa in Al Barsha will receive 24/7 maintenance and access to cleaning services, a concierge service, a laundry service, a security service, and a valet service. They will also receive access to the beach and access to a business center. Finally, they will receive a marina berth. 

Facilities with Location

The community of Al Barsha is home to a bank with an ATM, restaurants, a shopping mall, shops, and a supermarket. Those who like playing sports will enjoy the basketball courts, football pitch, golf club and clubhouse, polo club and clubhouse, shared swimming pool and clubhouse, sports academies, squash courts, and tennis courts. Those who enjoy exercise will like the cycling tracks, fitness center, gym, and walking trails. Those who enjoy relaxing will like the communal gardens, sauna, spa, and steam room.

Residents can take their children to the nursery or school. An airport and hotel will help their guests stay comfortable and reach them. A mosque will take care of religious needs. Those with special health needs can be treated at the hospital, while their pets can be treated at the local veterinarian. Finally, the area is served by public transportation.  

For landlords, first and foremost, the area is a freehold zone, which means that foreigners get to keep their properties even after they move. Sometimes, the villa for sale is brand new and never used, while others come with tenants. 

Affordable Price

The price of a villa for sale in Al Barsha will range from AED 2,100,000 to AED 6,200,000. Tenants, who are likely athletic individuals with children from the upper-middle to upper class, will pay between AED 130,000 and AED 450,000 annually in rent. It will thus take 5 to 47 years to make a return on investment, depending on the price of the villa and how much the landlord charges in annual rent. 


The gated community of Al Barsha is home to those who are well-off financially. An economic downturn will not impact rent payments for a landlord. Further, a landlord can expect to make a return on investment on their property in the short to long term. Finally, the neighborhood is the biggest draw of Al Barsha with its multiple ways to exercise and relax.

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Two Selling Points of Villas for Sale in Dubai Marina

Villas for Sale in Dubai Marina

If you are a landlord looking to invest in villas for sale to lease to tenants, you should consider purchasing villas in Dubai. If you are an investor looking for locations to invest in Dubai, you can find two selling points of villas for sale in Dubai Marina that are super beneficial.

This is because of three reasons. They are because of the types of tenants you will attract, the time it will take to make a return on investment, and because of the ways that you can attract tenants to your villas. 

The Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing Villas in Dubai

First, in Dubai, villas for sale will attract two main groups of tenants. The first will be citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), or Emiratis. The main currency that Emiratis use will be the dirham (AED), the currency of the UAE. Emiratis will be from at least the upper-middle class. They will use villas to raise families in a secure, often gated, neighborhood.

The second group of tenants that villas for sale will attract are expatriates. Expatriates come from predominately Western countries, such as the United States, England, as well as from the continent of Europe. Their currencies – the US dollar, Pound Sterling, or Euro – perform well against the dirham, which makes this group of tenants wealthier than Emiratis on average. Expatriates will often move to Dubai to retire in a secure, often gated, community.

villas for sale in Dubai Marina

Second, the time it will take to make a return on investment will vary. A simple way to calculate the minimum amount of time it will take to make a return on investment through rent payments alone is to divide the price of the villa for sale by the annual rent to be charged. That will tell the landlord the minimum number of years it will take to make a return on investment through rent payments alone. If this time is too long, then a landlord can renovate and upgrade the villa they have purchased and sell it at higher price and “flip” the property.

Finally, each area of Dubai has its own selling point. For instance, Downtown Dubai is known for its nightlife and socialization opportunities, while Palm Jumeriah is known for its beach access. It is these selling points that will ultimately help tenants decide whether to rent your villa or not.

If you are a landlord looking to purchase villas for sale and lease them to tenants in Dubai Marina, read on to discover the two main selling points of villas for sale in Dubai Marina.

Marina Berth

While some Emirates and expatriates will not be the wealthiest tenants in Dubai, the marina berth is essential for leasing out more expensive villas for sale. One of the best ways to show that you are wealthy is to have a status symbol, and one of the best status symbols that says you are wealthy is a yacht or other boat. A marina berth, therefore, allows the wealthy to flaunt symbols of their wealth.

Marina Berth

Marina Promenade

Many Emiratis and some expatriates may be younger and have families when they decide to move into a villa. Younger tenants and families will, therefore, enjoy the Marina Promenade, which is a boardwalk lined with retail stores and restaurants. It is a very convenient and exciting place for tenants and their families


A landlord must consider the type of tenants that the villas for sale they purchase will ultimately attract. In this case, villas for sale in Dubai will attract Emiratis and expatriates. A landlord must also consider the time it will take to make a return on investment on a property as well as the selling points of the neighborhood. The two selling points of Dubai Marina are a marina berth and the Marina Promenade.

If you are a landlord looking to invest in villas for sale in Dubai Marina, you should emphasize the marina berth and Marina Promenade to potential tenants. 

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Four Basic Features that Every Villa for Sale in Dubai Should Have

Villa for Sale in Dubai

It can be complicated when deciding what property you should buy to increase your real estate portfolio. You also should know the features of the real estate market, what demographics like what features of the neighborhood where your property is located, and what features make your property stand out from the rest. In particular, villa for sale in Dubai has a large amount of success among other real estate properties.

One type of residential property that you can buy to expand your real estate portfolio is the villa. Villas often have three or more bedrooms and bathrooms and usually house families or retirees. Families that move into a villa will be able to make rent payments. However, those from the middle-class will be particularly vulnerable to economic downturns, while those who live in wealthy communities will almost always be able to make their rent payments. 

Villas are rare to find in countries such as the United States. One such location that villas can be found in is the United Arab Emirates. Many tenants will be expatriates. Tenants who are citizens of the United Arab Emirates, or Emiratis, will most likely have the money to afford rent payments even in an economic downturn. 

If buying a villa for sale in one of the world’s largest cities appeals to you and your financial goals, read on to discover the four basic features that every villa for sale in Dubai should have.

Villas in Dubai

Pets Allowed

From apartments to villas for sale, nearly every residential property in Dubai allows pets. These pets can be dogs, cats, or some other creature. As a landlord, you will not be monetarily. responsible for the damages that the pets cause to your property; however, you still must make the necessary repairs. Some sort of payment arrangement is usually made between the landlord and the tenant as to what happens when the pet damages the property. 

In fact, having pets allowed is so common that, if you want to forbid tenants from having pets, you will discourage tenants from renting in your villa. This will cause problems for you should you wish to make a profit on your property. 

Broadband Ready

Here again, nearly every villa for sale in Dubai comes broadband ready. This means that the devices and wirings are prepared in advance for a tenant to contact a broadband internet company and receive internet services. Landlords typically do not include utility fees in their rent, so tenants will be on their own when getting internet services. 

An apartment or villa that is not broadband ready will not make a profit unless the landlord makes it broadband ready before the tenants move in. In an ever-connected world, a connection to the internet is a must, especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people work from home. 

Villas in Dubai


Almost every villa for sale In Dubai has a balcony. Some have multiple balconies. A balcony is will be used by tenants to look out across the spectacular views and relax in their apartment. This includes looking at the Dubai skyline, the Burj Khalifa, residential parks, looking across the water, and more. This is especially true in upper-class and wealthy neighborhoods, where there are sometimes entertainment areas on balconies and terraces on the roof. 

One exception to this rule is in middle-class neighborhoods, such as Al Barsha or Al Quoz. In these neighborhoods, some properties have no balconies. While a balcony is not required to lease your property in these neighborhoods, it certainly makes your property less desirable, and usually leads to less rent being charged to the tenants.

Kitchen White Goods

Kitchen white goods are appliances that most kitchens have that are needed for it to function properly. This includes a refrigerator, microwaves, and stove. Many locations around the world require that these come with a residential property that is being leased, and Dubai is no exception.

In fact, a kitchen in Dubai is usually fully fitted with white goods. They are usually open-plan or closed-plan kitchens. Finally, there are usually built-in appliances included with the kitchen.


There should be four basic features in a villa for sale. Pets should be allowed, it should be broadband ready, there should be at least one balcony, and kitchen white goods should be included. If a villa does not have any one of the things, the least crucial is the balcony.

If you’re looking to lease out a villa once you’ve bought it, if it is lacking any of these features, it will be hard to lease out at a desirable rent.  

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How to View an Apartment for Rent

Apartment for Rent

If you have narrowed your list down to a handful of apartments that you might choose to rent, now is the time to go visit them. Visiting and viewing an apartment for rent is an easy process and will help you choose which apartment you decide to live in. From walking through the apartment to comparing notes between apartments, here is our guiding to viewing an apartment for rent.

Apartment for Rent

Look for Dealbreakers

A dealbreaker is something in an apartment or neighborhood that will ruin your experience. You should have a list of these ready in your mind when you go to view the apartment. Some of these will be related to the size of the rooms. For example, if the rooms are too small or too large, it might be a dealbreaker. If the shower is too small, it might be a dealbreaker.

Other dealbreakers will be related to the neighborhood. If the apartment for rent looks like it is in a seedy part of town, that might be a dealbreaker. Other examples include not being within driving distance of a grocery store, not having any restaurants nearby, and more. 

If any of these dealbreakers come up during your viewing, you should make a note of it instantly. Therefore, it is important to carry a pen and paper, so this way you can compare apartments later. If there are no dealbreakers, proceed to the next step.

Observe the Rooms

When you go on a tour of the apartment for rent, you should make sure to visit each room. You should list the flaws and the advantages of each room. For example, the guest area might have weird corners, and the hallways might get in the way of your cleaning.

You should also compare the size of the room versus what you will need the rooms for. For example, if you plan on cooking a lot, the kitchen should have room for you to prepare food. The guest area will need to have enough space to seat all your friends comfortably. Finally, no room should make you feel completely uncomfortable. 

You should take notes of what the advantages and disadvantages of each room are. Remember that no apartment for rent will match the advertised listing exactly, so now you are taking note of what is physically present in the apartment building.

Note the Condition of the Apartment

Finally, you should note the condition of the apartment. Is it in good shape, or are there holes in the wall? Does it look like the landlord is at least occasionally maintaining the apartment while it has been vacant? If there are serious problems, such as a leaky faucet, leaky roof, and so on, this may not be the apartment for you.

Remember also that the way the landlord takes care of the apartment while it is vacant shows you how much he cares about the apartment. If it does not look like it has at least been cleaned once, you can be sure that he might be an unresponsive landlord. Likewise, if the apartment is too clean, he might wind up being a micromanaging landlord and make your stay difficult. 


There are many things to take note of when viewing an apartment for rent. You should note any dealbreakers, take notes about the size and shape of the rooms, and note the condition of the apartment. With these notes in hand, you should then be able to choose which apartment you should get for rent. 

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Three Things to Expect While Living in a One-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

One-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

If you have moved into your one-bedroom apartment for rent, congratulations. You’ve signed the lease, coordinated a move, and done all the heavy research that will allow you to get a one-bedroom apartment that will meet almost all your needs and wants.

You may like that the one-bedroom apartment affords you more privacy than a studio apartment. Or, perhaps you like the bigger dimensions. Finally, you might like the larger guest room.

Whatever the reason for your choosing a one-bedroom apartment, you have determined that it fits where you are in your walk of life. Now that you’ve moved in, there are more responsibilities and events that might happen while you are in your one-bedroom apartment for rent. Here are three things to expect while living in a one-bedroom apartment for rent.

One-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

Spills and Crumbs

If you are living by yourself, you may spill drinks or eat something and make a mess on the floor or table. IF this happens, don’t worry. You’re living on your own, so no one will see the mess. However, you will have to clean it up eventually. 

From paper towels to stain removers, there are different products on the market that can help you clean up spills and crumbs. You should make sure that you clean up a large spill almost immediately, especially if you live above an apartment or restaurant. This is because your floor can leak through their ceiling.

A one-bedroom apartment is a private place to have small mishaps. You should know that you’re not the only one to have spilled a drink or left crumbs on the floor. Now is the time to learn how to clean it up.

Living by Yourself

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, because you are living by yourself, it might get lonely. You might find yourself talking to yourself, watching lots of television, or becoming depressed. Fortunately, there is a way to conquer this.

If you find yourself becoming depressed, the best cure is to go outside. Take a walk and be with other people. Strike up a conversation with a friend or go to the theater and see a movie. To conquer my own tendency toward isolation, I go to the coffee shop every day, and make sure to dine out frequently. Reminding yourself that there are other people in town that you can socialize with if you want will help you cope with being on your own.

Odd Noises

Though every apartment may have odd noises, some may make odd noises than the rest. I am in a one-bedroom apartment across from a bar, so I get to hear all kinds of weird conversations at night on the weekends. My apartment also makes creaking and popping noises. Sometimes, I can hear the conversations downstairs through the floor. 

These noises might make you nervous at first. However, as time goes on, your brain will start to filter them out. The only noise that currently bothers me will happen in the morning during the winter when the heat first comes on for the season. It will sound like someone is knocking at the door.


Spills and crumbs, hearing odd noises, and living by yourself are all situations that you will encounter during your stay in a one-bedroom apartment for rent. Over time, you will get used to the noises, learn out to clean, and cope with being on your own. We hope you have fun living in your one-bedroom apartment for rent.