How to Get a Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

Are you looking for a villa for rent in Al Barsha? Looking for a simple yet considerable

If you are a landlord, then you already know that finding reliable tenants who pay their rent on time can be a hassle. Some tenants have no sense of responsibility; others have moved in when they do not have the resources to last for awfully long. On top of this, you must balance property repairs, collecting rent, and having a positive reputation with your tenants. 

There is, however, a place in the world that will make your job at least somewhat easier. This place is Dubai. Located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is a tourist paradise and every tenant’s dream place to live. IT is full of excitement and wonder.

Easy to Get a Villa for Rent

Landlords will especially enjoy the expatriate community. These communities consist of those who have moved from their home country to call Dubai home and, since their currency performs well against the UAE currency, the dirham (AED). This means that they will always have at least some money to spend, they can afford the rent and, after all, if they did not have the means to afford moving to Dubai to begin with, they never would have done so.

If you are among these communities, the landlord offers the best villa options for renters in Dubai.

If you are a landlord and renting out your properties to reliable tenants appeals to you, read on to discover more about the different types of villas in Al Barsha.

Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

Why a Villa for Rent in Al Barsha is the Best

Al Barsha is a gated community known for its modern family and community living. Villas for sale in Al Barsha are either detached or semi-detached and usually have 3-5 bedrooms and 4-7 bathrooms, with all or almost all bathrooms being en suite. Villas sometimes come fully or partially furnished and are found within compounds. Some are Vastu compliant. They are all known for their marble floors, carpets, quality finishes, solid wood floors, and upgraded interiors. 


The typical villa for sale in Al Barsha has a barbecue area, a children’s play area, a dining room, extended storage areas, a family room, a gazebo and outdoor entertaining area, a guest bathroom, a laundry room, a living room, a lounge, a maid’s room, an office area, a reception area, a storage room, and a study. Larger villas sometimes have multiple storage rooms. 

Modern Architecture

A fully-fitted kitchen will also have built-in appliances and white goods. Each villa will have at least one balcony and terrace, built-in wardrobes, central air and heating, an intercom system, and a jacuzzi. Finally, there is a private garage and garden, and some of the more expensive villas will even have a private gym. 

How to Get a Villa for Rent in Al Barsha

World-class Service

Those who rent a villa in Al Barsha will receive 24/7 maintenance and access to cleaning services, a concierge service, a laundry service, a security service, and a valet service. They will also receive access to the beach and access to a business center. Finally, they will receive a marina berth. 

Facilities with Location

The community of Al Barsha is home to a bank with an ATM, restaurants, a shopping mall, shops, and a supermarket. Those who like playing sports will enjoy the basketball courts, football pitch, golf club and clubhouse, polo club and clubhouse, shared swimming pool and clubhouse, sports academies, squash courts, and tennis courts. Those who enjoy exercise will like the cycling tracks, fitness center, gym, and walking trails. Those who enjoy relaxing will like the communal gardens, sauna, spa, and steam room.

Residents can take their children to the nursery or school. An airport and hotel will help their guests stay comfortable and reach them. A mosque will take care of religious needs. Those with special health needs can be treated at the hospital, while their pets can be treated at the local veterinarian. Finally, the area is served by public transportation.  

For landlords, first and foremost, the area is a freehold zone, which means that foreigners get to keep their properties even after they move. Sometimes, the villa for sale is brand new and never used, while others come with tenants. 

Affordable Price

The price of a villa for sale in Al Barsha will range from AED 2,100,000 to AED 6,200,000. Tenants, who are likely athletic individuals with children from the upper-middle to upper class, will pay between AED 130,000 and AED 450,000 annually in rent. It will thus take 5 to 47 years to make a return on investment, depending on the price of the villa and how much the landlord charges in annual rent. 


The gated community of Al Barsha is home to those who are well-off financially. An economic downturn will not impact rent payments for a landlord. Further, a landlord can expect to make a return on investment on their property in the short to long term. Finally, the neighborhood is the biggest draw of Al Barsha with its multiple ways to exercise and relax.

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