Three Things to Expect While Living in a One-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

If you have moved into your one-bedroom apartment for rent, congratulations. You’ve signed the lease, coordinated a move, and done all the heavy research that will allow you to get a one-bedroom apartment that will meet almost all your needs and wants.

You may like that the one-bedroom apartment affords you more privacy than a studio apartment. Or, perhaps you like the bigger dimensions. Finally, you might like the larger guest room.

Whatever the reason for your choosing a one-bedroom apartment, you have determined that it fits where you are in your walk of life. Now that you’ve moved in, there are more responsibilities and events that might happen while you are in your one-bedroom apartment for rent. Here are three things to expect while living in a one-bedroom apartment for rent.

One-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

Spills and Crumbs

If you are living by yourself, you may spill drinks or eat something and make a mess on the floor or table. IF this happens, don’t worry. You’re living on your own, so no one will see the mess. However, you will have to clean it up eventually. 

From paper towels to stain removers, there are different products on the market that can help you clean up spills and crumbs. You should make sure that you clean up a large spill almost immediately, especially if you live above an apartment or restaurant. This is because your floor can leak through their ceiling.

A one-bedroom apartment is a private place to have small mishaps. You should know that you’re not the only one to have spilled a drink or left crumbs on the floor. Now is the time to learn how to clean it up.

Living by Yourself

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, because you are living by yourself, it might get lonely. You might find yourself talking to yourself, watching lots of television, or becoming depressed. Fortunately, there is a way to conquer this.

If you find yourself becoming depressed, the best cure is to go outside. Take a walk and be with other people. Strike up a conversation with a friend or go to the theater and see a movie. To conquer my own tendency toward isolation, I go to the coffee shop every day, and make sure to dine out frequently. Reminding yourself that there are other people in town that you can socialize with if you want will help you cope with being on your own.

Odd Noises

Though every apartment may have odd noises, some may make odd noises than the rest. I am in a one-bedroom apartment across from a bar, so I get to hear all kinds of weird conversations at night on the weekends. My apartment also makes creaking and popping noises. Sometimes, I can hear the conversations downstairs through the floor. 

These noises might make you nervous at first. However, as time goes on, your brain will start to filter them out. The only noise that currently bothers me will happen in the morning during the winter when the heat first comes on for the season. It will sound like someone is knocking at the door.


Spills and crumbs, hearing odd noises, and living by yourself are all situations that you will encounter during your stay in a one-bedroom apartment for rent. Over time, you will get used to the noises, learn out to clean, and cope with being on your own. We hope you have fun living in your one-bedroom apartment for rent. 

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