How to View an Apartment for Rent

If you have narrowed your list down to a handful of apartments that you might choose to rent, now is the time to go visit them. Visiting and viewing an apartment for rent is an easy process and will help you choose which apartment you decide to live in. From walking through the apartment to comparing notes between apartments, here is our guiding to viewing an apartment for rent.

Apartment for Rent

Look for Dealbreakers

A dealbreaker is something in an apartment or neighborhood that will ruin your experience. You should have a list of these ready in your mind when you go to view the apartment. Some of these will be related to the size of the rooms. For example, if the rooms are too small or too large, it might be a dealbreaker. If the shower is too small, it might be a dealbreaker.

Other dealbreakers will be related to the neighborhood. If the apartment for rent looks like it is in a seedy part of town, that might be a dealbreaker. Other examples include not being within driving distance of a grocery store, not having any restaurants nearby, and more. 

If any of these dealbreakers come up during your viewing, you should make a note of it instantly. Therefore, it is important to carry a pen and paper, so this way you can compare apartments later. If there are no dealbreakers, proceed to the next step.

Observe the Rooms

When you go on a tour of the apartment for rent, you should make sure to visit each room. You should list the flaws and the advantages of each room. For example, the guest area might have weird corners, and the hallways might get in the way of your cleaning.

You should also compare the size of the room versus what you will need the rooms for. For example, if you plan on cooking a lot, the kitchen should have room for you to prepare food. The guest area will need to have enough space to seat all your friends comfortably. Finally, no room should make you feel completely uncomfortable. 

You should take notes of what the advantages and disadvantages of each room are. Remember that no apartment for rent will match the advertised listing exactly, so now you are taking note of what is physically present in the apartment building.

Note the Condition of the Apartment

Finally, you should note the condition of the apartment. Is it in good shape, or are there holes in the wall? Does it look like the landlord is at least occasionally maintaining the apartment while it has been vacant? If there are serious problems, such as a leaky faucet, leaky roof, and so on, this may not be the apartment for you.

Remember also that the way the landlord takes care of the apartment while it is vacant shows you how much he cares about the apartment. If it does not look like it has at least been cleaned once, you can be sure that he might be an unresponsive landlord. Likewise, if the apartment is too clean, he might wind up being a micromanaging landlord and make your stay difficult. 


There are many things to take note of when viewing an apartment for rent. You should note any dealbreakers, take notes about the size and shape of the rooms, and note the condition of the apartment. With these notes in hand, you should then be able to choose which apartment you should get for rent. 

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