Four Basic Features that Every Villa for Sale in Dubai Should Have

It can be complicated when deciding what property you should buy to increase your real estate portfolio. You also should know the features of the real estate market, what demographics like what features of the neighborhood where your property is located, and what features make your property stand out from the rest. In particular, villa for sale in Dubai has a large amount of success among other real estate properties.

One type of residential property that you can buy to expand your real estate portfolio is the villa. Villas often have three or more bedrooms and bathrooms and usually house families or retirees. Families that move into a villa will be able to make rent payments. However, those from the middle-class will be particularly vulnerable to economic downturns, while those who live in wealthy communities will almost always be able to make their rent payments. 

Villas are rare to find in countries such as the United States. One such location that villas can be found in is the United Arab Emirates. Many tenants will be expatriates. Tenants who are citizens of the United Arab Emirates, or Emiratis, will most likely have the money to afford rent payments even in an economic downturn. 

If buying a villa for sale in one of the world’s largest cities appeals to you and your financial goals, read on to discover the four basic features that every villa for sale in Dubai should have.

Villas in Dubai

Pets Allowed

From apartments to villas for sale, nearly every residential property in Dubai allows pets. These pets can be dogs, cats, or some other creature. As a landlord, you will not be monetarily. responsible for the damages that the pets cause to your property; however, you still must make the necessary repairs. Some sort of payment arrangement is usually made between the landlord and the tenant as to what happens when the pet damages the property. 

In fact, having pets allowed is so common that, if you want to forbid tenants from having pets, you will discourage tenants from renting in your villa. This will cause problems for you should you wish to make a profit on your property. 

Broadband Ready

Here again, nearly every villa for sale in Dubai comes broadband ready. This means that the devices and wirings are prepared in advance for a tenant to contact a broadband internet company and receive internet services. Landlords typically do not include utility fees in their rent, so tenants will be on their own when getting internet services. 

An apartment or villa that is not broadband ready will not make a profit unless the landlord makes it broadband ready before the tenants move in. In an ever-connected world, a connection to the internet is a must, especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people work from home. 

Villas in Dubai


Almost every villa for sale In Dubai has a balcony. Some have multiple balconies. A balcony is will be used by tenants to look out across the spectacular views and relax in their apartment. This includes looking at the Dubai skyline, the Burj Khalifa, residential parks, looking across the water, and more. This is especially true in upper-class and wealthy neighborhoods, where there are sometimes entertainment areas on balconies and terraces on the roof. 

One exception to this rule is in middle-class neighborhoods, such as Al Barsha or Al Quoz. In these neighborhoods, some properties have no balconies. While a balcony is not required to lease your property in these neighborhoods, it certainly makes your property less desirable, and usually leads to less rent being charged to the tenants.

Kitchen White Goods

Kitchen white goods are appliances that most kitchens have that are needed for it to function properly. This includes a refrigerator, microwaves, and stove. Many locations around the world require that these come with a residential property that is being leased, and Dubai is no exception.

In fact, a kitchen in Dubai is usually fully fitted with white goods. They are usually open-plan or closed-plan kitchens. Finally, there are usually built-in appliances included with the kitchen.


There should be four basic features in a villa for sale. Pets should be allowed, it should be broadband ready, there should be at least one balcony, and kitchen white goods should be included. If a villa does not have any one of the things, the least crucial is the balcony.

If you’re looking to lease out a villa once you’ve bought it, if it is lacking any of these features, it will be hard to lease out at a desirable rent.  

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